I am the Walrus

My Walrus Pen – Cynthia Maniglia

It’s a rainy day here in Florida. Perfect weather for a walrus. Here is my wooden walrus sailor pen, rendered in my mini Moleskin sketchbook using Faber Castell black ink pens, Crayola markers, Artist’s Loft soft pastels, and a touch of white gouache. Oh, my – no watercolor! Hmmm. How about that? I have three wooden pens that have “characters” on them. All three are sailors, funnily. I bought them many years ago when I thought I’d make a collection. Glad I kept them and brought them with me to Florida.


13 thoughts on “I am the Walrus

  1. wonderful! I LOVE how you used what was an ordinary object right in front of you! Perfect 🙂 Mr. Walrus is very adorable in his cobalt teal blue top! cheers, Debi

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