The last page of my watercolor sketchbook … and sundry other things



I came upstairs to my new studio in the loft a few times today to continue organizing and seeing what I will need to complete my set-up. Finally, I was able to come up here after dinner and actually put brush (and pen) to paper.

Spoonflower is having an upcoming fabric weekly design contest with the theme of the Chinese Year of the Monkey. I tried to doodle a few ideas and this seems like it could be fun if I work on it some more …

WP_20160107_006.jpgAnd then I worked upΒ some easy leaves and palms on the last page of my yellow watercolor sketchbook in shades of green with pinks and pale blues in the background.

LEAVES AND PALMS | Watercolor with marker accents |Β CYNTHIA MANIGLIA

What I like about my new space is that everything I need is here – natural light by day, good lighting by night, all of my supplies in one place plus digital stuff too – I’m set up with wireless internet, a scanner, even a TV monitor I can hook up to my laptop. While the desk is small, I can always get a table easel or work on another table outside or take the folding table onto the balcony. I have lots of options up here!

Florida had a heat wave as a result of El Nino but now it’s downright mild. I’m liking Florida more and more. I haven’t been able to draw and paint a lot lately due to family visiting and entertaining, additional cleaning and organizing around the house, and a little part-time job I just started. But I plan to do more and more up here. It’s working out nicely.

The other day, my sweetie put this on the shelf above my desk – it’s something I made for him many years ago …



26 thoughts on “The last page of my watercolor sketchbook … and sundry other things

  1. It is such a pleasure to read how well you seem to be settling into your new life in Florida. Such a big change and you have done so well with meeting people and a new job. I think I have studio envy, your new studio does sound delightful. Karen


    1. Thank you, Karen. I feel I’m definitely making progress with my adjustment here – the first two weeks were tough. Now that I have my studio in the loft set up, I feel even better. Have a beautiful weekend! I envy your Bali trip!

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  2. I love those Palms especially! And how encouraging of your sweetie pie to remind you of the beautiful work that you do and its place in your lives. Great that you have a space to work it-“a room of one’s own” really is helpful.

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    1. Glad to hear you love the palms. What a nice observation you make about my sweetie – and the “room of own’s own” is a Virginia Woolf reference I know well! Thanks!!


    1. Cathe, thanks. “Everything is falling into place” – that’s a thought I’ve been having of late, you are so perceptive. Glad to hear you like the monkeys ; )


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