Orchid Watercolor “collage” work in progress

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WP_20151229_016 (1).jpg
Work in progress, orchid watercolor by Cynthia Maniglia

Work in progress for our neighbor – she’s an avid orchid grower. She requested a collage of various orchids and gave me her photo album with all kinds of reference photos to use. The blooms are so gorgeous, I plan to make several sheets for her to choose from. They’re so much fun to paint – beautiful shapes and colors. I’ve only just begun to explore this subject and look forward to watching these “bloom” in my studio!

Here’s how this piece looks finished … onto some more. This is fun!

Orchid Collage 1.jpg
High quality scanned image – orchid collage 1 by Cynthia Maniglia, watercolor

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  1. I love your orchids, the colours and shapes are fabulous. I also really like the photos of the work in progress. The strips of light from the windows is so atmospheric! You can feel the heat. Happy New Year Cynthia, I can’t wait to see what you produce in 2016. Karen

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