Florida Feeling

florida main
watercolor and mixed water media – CYNTHIA MANIGLIA
The set up and initial watercolor
In my journal

This usually happens after I spend an afternoon weeding … I draw plant life! Not working in purely local color but rather interpreting how I feel and what I see. I painted standing up outside on the patio. And then I turned this into a pattern for my Society6 shop. Look how cool it is on a pillow … !

Check it out at my Society6 shop!

25 thoughts on “Florida Feeling

  1. I am always in awe of your style, your art always looks so free and energetic, it is like you just splash down colours and something magic happens. (I do know you work long and hard to get that look). My work in comparison seems so over thought and worked. I really need to loosen up and play more, you inspire me. The cushion design is joyous. Karen

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    1. LOL, you know I work it, work it – I usually start out pretty tight and then when it goes any which way I don’t care for, I then get a little looser and then I get into a little rhythm with it and may go even more looser. I always try to remind myself my goal isn’t necessarily to recreate a photorealistic image … I can take a photograph of that. But to create effects with the medium I am using, to emphasize and or de-emphasize, to enhance or play down, and sort of bounce off … so that the artwork is something different and that what I created needs to look good itself on the paper, canvas, etc. versus look like what I am painting from life. The two are totally different in my mind … and the art has to stand on its own. Now that said, I totally admire what you do and how you do it. Your work with color and shape inspires me. I love your lines and style as well. Sometimes it is good to not think as much and just “see.” xo

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      1. Great comment, I think you should add that into your next post, a really great insight into how you work, thank you. I really agree with the thought art shouldn’t be a exact replica of what see but our interpretation of it.

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  2. I was going to ask the same Q about Society6 hehe! I really love this one – definitely gives me that palm tree feeling. My sister lives in Panama City Beach and we spent Christmas with her one year – sure is nice weather at this time of year down in FL! This is a terrific painting, C.

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