Still Life ~ Flowers and Fruit

Flowers in vase and citrus fruit in bowl ~ pencil and watercolor on heavy weight acid-free paint and marker paper ~ CYNTHIA MANIGLIA, 2015

Today was another day of laborious yard work. I don’t mind it too much – it’s great exercise. And I get a closer look at all the plants in the yard. We whacked the heck out of a bush with the red flowers (we don’t know the name of this plant either – it was here when the house was purchased). I rescued a couple of sprigs from the burn pile to put in a vase so I could paint it later, along with some kind of evergreen. The whole thing has a rather Holiday/Christmas feel to it, and I thought it would be nice to paint the vase arrangement with a depression glass bowl filled with homegrown citrus fruits (lemons and grapefruit).

Here you can see my work area…

This is just a sketch/study, meant to be loose. I enjoyed creating it. I hope you enjoy viewing it! Thanks for stopping by.

My work area

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