Pot of Cactus

Micron Brush black ink and watercolor – Cynthia Maniglia

A quick sketch and paint after dinner and before it got dark while sitting outside on the patio. Today I did a lot of weeding outside. Sweated a lot. I also took a nice long walk. Always good to find time to draw and paint, makes my day feel more complete.

28 thoughts on “Pot of Cactus

  1. Oh how I’d love to be weeding outside! You must be so happy to be outside in the sunshine! I love your collection of succulents and cactus! Beautiful colors!


  2. Amazing! this does not look quick! It looks like it should be in an art gallery! You have such talent Cynthia! And oh what warmth you are enjoying in Florida! Does it feel strange to be in such warmth on December 1st? Rudolph is on here, a fire is going, the tree lights are lit, and I am in my jammies with a glass of wine. For a month or so, I adore winter, but then I’m ready for Florida! 🙂

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