En Plein Lanai


Chloe, our Bichon Frise

Painting on the lanai with our Bichon Frise, Chloe, this afternoon.

Horse grazing in palm-filled pasture outside the lanai

Later in the afternoon, we visited the Manatee Art Center, where they had wonderful art on exhibit, and I found out about some great classes being offered there. We met the executive director of the center, Carla Nierman, who was very friendly and helpful, filling us in on the many offerings, opportunities, and exciting events there. There’s a beautiful ceramic bamboo sculpture that you see greeting us at the center’s front entrance.



24 thoughts on “En Plein Lanai

  1. I’m so jealous! 😜 Wish I lived in a warm climate like you! 🌞 Your artwork is so lovely! And Chloe looks happy helping you. ❤️ Love the ceramic bamboo art at your art center – sounds like you are going to have FUN! YAY Cynthia!!! 💖💕


  2. Well, I am so happy for you!! Looks like you are all settled in…. and how awesome to live so close to an Art Centre…sweet Chloe looks content too!

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  3. The weather looks fabulous and your paintings are great, you have started to capture the colours in your new surrounds. The art centre looks interesting, how nice to have them close by. Karen

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  4. The art center looks wonderful and a great start to settling in. Your Lanai and Chloe look so relaxing and you are already getting into the paint! All must be good and sunny!

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