Neon Leopard

Photo on 11-25-15 at 7.15 PM (1)Here I am, in Florida with a page of neon doodles that I made in Pennsylvania, right before embarking on the big drive down south. Before I left, I wanted to turn it into a neon leopard print. (And how appropriate after Nina’s post with mention of the Sarasota big cat sanctuary not far from where I am in Florida!) It’s day 5 of my move to Florida and I’ve been busy unpacking, organizing, and working on settling into my new home. I have so many things to do and haven’t yet set up my “studio” or an area to work on my art – until today, when I went up to the loft and brought down a tote bag filled with supplies (paper, paints, etc.). It’s darkened in the living room. Just getting back into my art “flow,” so since I had planned to do this with my neon doodle (it was “next” on my list), I went ahead and did it, even though I collected some bits of nature from the garden which I have in a little vase to “do” next. And then there’s the outdoor painting I want to do of the pasture, with the bougainvillea, the bird bath and the palm trees. Photo on 11-25-15 at 7.14 PM (1)So far in Florida, I’ve gone on a couple of nice walks, weeded in the yard outside the lanai, checked out the local shopping center down the road, gazed up at the moon and stars from our balcony, weighed myself (and am happy I didn’t gain weight during the move), given my dog an awesome bath (she’s so fluffy now), talked to family and friends back home, and unpacked and organized my clothes, shoes, and handbags in the bedroom closet and dresser (a major accomplishment!). Not done organizing and arranging the bedroom, but definitely 75% there. Then it will be onto the kitchen and dining room. Trying to concentrate on one room at a time. I think the loft/artists’ den will be last, but that’ll be ok. For now I’m going to “go mobile” with my little tote bag of art supplies.

Photo on 11-25-15 at 3.35 PM #2




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