Faded Folksy Floral

Folksy Floral design by Cynthia Maniglia

One of my watercolor friends on Facebook said she wishes she could draw florals. I said I could draw them all day! She’s a wonderful landscape artist. Seriously, I could draw this kind of thing from now til doomsday and never tire of it. I hope you’re not tired of seeing it on my blog! I call this “Faded Folksy Floral” ~ watercolor, water soluble marker, and pink ink on paper. Have a colorful, joyful day!

Faded Folksy Floral by Cynthia Maniglia
Faded Folksy Floral by Cynthia Maniglia

15 thoughts on “Faded Folksy Floral

  1. I never (NEVER) tire of your florals or anything you do. You put so much joy into your work, it’s always a positive pick-me-up when I come across your posts in my reader. Love this one, so pretty!

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