Sharpie and Neon Highlighters


This is Sharpie and Highlighters – with a 1950’s vintage textile feel to it.

The above images are photographs under lamp light. The following is a scan, and then a digitally created pattern.

Notice the dramatic change in color. One problem with neon is the inability to keep that glowing color when the work is scanned. My problem with the Barnes & Noble neon pencils I bought and returned was they failed to lay down a true neon color (saturation, pigment, ease of transfer of color to paper), and then they looked rather chalky. This is my neon experiment. Of course, if I REALLY want bold neon color, there’s always poster paint or dare I say … NAIL POLISH!seed pods 50's style

And good news ..

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    1. I am reading now that certain scanners can capture the neon. And in some light the neon can be captured via a camera/with a photograph. Learning as I go!


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