Yellow Lane

Yellow Lane by Cynthia Maniglia
Yellow Lane – ink and marker sketch by Cynthia Maniglia

“Yellow Lane.” Yesterday was so dreary. Grey skies. Misty rain. Today, it’s sunny and breezy. In a week, I’m moving to the sunshine state, Florida. Looking forward to sunny days ahead …

Instead of buying a coloring book, I made my own coloring page with a Sharpie fine point pen and colored it in with Caryola markers. I call this “Yellow Lane.” I’m thinking of leaving one home and moving into another as we make the big move to Florida in one week. Counting the days now! That’s Chloe in the middle of the grass. You remember her from yesterday, right? (You may be wondering why I didn’t use my Faber-Castell PITT artist pens for this. Want to use up my Sharpie first! I noticed my Micron black ink fine line pen is running very low. They do wear out, don’t they? Don’t last forever. Good thing I have my new pens in the wings.) Enjoy your day!

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