More on a theme – Selected for the Society6 shop already!

porcelain vine leaves

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Blues, greens, and purples ~ inspired by the surprisingly beautiful cool yet autumnal colors of porcelain berries that grow on a vine found on my walk yesterday. Here, I’ve created more elements that I can use in a design. The image below/last image has a kind of folksy feel to it and the piece with three leaves might be something in and of itself. When creating images to be used in patterns, it’s good to create them separately – with space between them so they can be cut, pasted, and layered within a design as needed. If you create clusters of images one on top of the other initially, you will have a hard time separating them and using similar imagery to fill spaces and create a pleasing pattern without having to go back create the parts you find you need – which is also why it’s good to plan how you’re going to make a pattern or design ahead of time. But then, it’s fun when things just happen, right? Especially so if it’s not your “job” and you have that luxury of time and patience to let your art take shape by itself. Well, not entirely by itself – but you know what I mean. ; )

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P.S. I’m excited to let you know that my Print “Porcelain Vine Leaves” has been selected to be included in the Society6 Shop. Check it out here:

It’s the first time I ever created a piece that was selected for the Society6 shop in the same day as I posted it.


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