Tea for Two ~ and Two for Tea

Watercolor and graphite on parchment paper. This is a lovely vintage tea cup and saucer I bought eons ago, whoknowswhere, and now I find the dear little cup has a chip. I shall drink out of it before the big move and immortalized it with a sketch / doodlewash. These little cups and sauces are so nice when having friends over for coffee and cake or tea and cookies. I used to want to collect them and had a few … but over the years, they’ve chipped or broke. And now I realize why I don’t use my mom’s china for everyday, as Mark wants to do when we get to Florida! P.S. The sketch was of my afternoon tea and for my evening tea, I am having Yogi brand green tea and blueberry flavor – it’s outtathisworld. The tag on the tea says, “Uplift everybody and uplift yourself.” How true!WP_20151103_012 (1)


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    1. Ah, Barry – I was thinking of you for some reason as I was doing this and now I know why. You saw my challenge! Thanks… I had to use the dark pencil at the end because the paper is so thin, it was the only way to get definition and clarity at that point.

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