Last Fall

Inspired by my walk this afternoon, I’m calling this watercolor with black ink accents “Last Fall.” This will be my last fall living in PA. Trying to soak it all in as much as possible before I leave. Techniques used in this piece: staining and scrumbling.

“Last Fall” ~ watercolor and Pigma Micron 08 archival black ink by C. Maniglia

25 thoughts on “Last Fall

  1. Beautiful and memorable tree! Are you ready for your next big adventure? I sure am! Looking forward to living through your experiences of continual warm weather…sigh!


  2. Very nice. the trunk is interesting in blues… as someone who moved from PA/NY to the south and then southwest, you will find other “markers” that show that the seasons have changed, but it might take you a year or so to see the subtlety.

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    1. It will indeed be interesting to see that and I look forward to sharing my discoveries with you. I’ve never lived permanently anywhere other than this area (PA/NJ and in NY for college), so it will be all new to me.


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