Too early for the holidays?

Do you recognize these shapes and colors? They’re from yesterday’s morning meditations. The images were done in light watercolor on newsprint. Using my Affinity Designer program, the imported shapes were isolated and arranged to create this holiday pattern. It has a sort of vintage, Shabby Chic look and feel to it. I call it “Berries and Boughs.”

24758083_1512478_pm 24774641_15480234_pm

This would make a nice gift wrap pattern for the holidays.

My Victoria magazine Winter/Holiday issue arrived yesterday, filled with lit trees and scenes one usually sees in months to come. I’ll be in Florida this winter, so I won’t see a snowy winter for the first time in my life. That’s going to be strange.

16 thoughts on “Too early for the holidays?

  1. This design is another winner, festive without being predictable, not easy. If you need any help in how to adapt your Christmas to a warmer region let me know, we have a lot of experience down under in Aus. 😉 Karen

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