Morning Meditations

watercolor on newsprint CYNTHIA MANIGLIA
Some things I collected on my walk this morning. Even with the frost on the grass, some flowers still remain and nice red berries are popping up. watercolor on newsprint CYNTHIA MANIGLIA


After my morning walk, toast and coffee, I painted some botanicals I collected. I was reading a great article online about the difference between fall in the U.S. and fall in the U.K. That article totally influenced my choice of study this morning. Can you tell me how/why? (Hint: You’ll know if you check out the online article, which I promise you is VERY interesting.)

Watercolor on newsprint.WP_20151019_007

17 thoughts on “Morning Meditations

      1. And can I tell you that even if you don’t hear from me or see a comment I am very much still supporting you!! 😘😘 keep up the gorgeous work!!

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  1. Beautiful post and pantings your founds is something so beautiful to do! I do the same with my Jewelry I love to create beautiful jewels with what i find in nature! I will surely read the article…<3 lots of love to you.

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  2. I was born and raised in The Netherlands and I msu admit..the Falls in Canada (we we also lived) and America are indeed nicer to my mind, becuase of the colors, more sunlight and less fog, rain. But both are for me, speaking of cozy times. Your art is calming and beautiful and I love this post ;o) xo Johanna

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    1. Thank you, Johanna – and I was sorting out some business on the phone while I painted, and this helped me “keep my cool” over a slightly aggravating matter, believe it or not.


  3. Wow! Take advantage as they will soon be gone! A frost here this morning, but the sun is beaming now – heading out for a lunchtime walk with Charlie for my lunch break! 🙂

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