Back to Watercolor ~ Fall Flowers

Fall flowers - C. Maniglia 2015 journal, watercolor
Fall flowers – C. Maniglia 2015 journal, watercolor

It may be fall in Pennsylvania, but … this tiny flowers growing outside as we speak caught my eye. They have the most delicate little buds that stem from saw-tooth edge leaves. The bud before it flowers is round and has teensy little pink “French Knots” (an embroidery stitch) at the center. And this plant even has round green berries that turn into the “French Knot” bud. An interesting flowering plant, but I don’t know it’s name. I made it my focal point in my watercolor journal this afternoon, surrounded by a variety of mums in harmonious hues. You can see the actual flower whose name I do not know floating in water in a little crystal cup next to my initial watercolor. Do you know the name of this flowering plant? If so, I’d love to know!


22 thoughts on “Back to Watercolor ~ Fall Flowers

  1. Glad you already got the answer Cynthia. they’re a tough blossom to paint, you’re doing a good job. french knots is a great way to describe the buds…and I love the berry clusters at the end, especially when they turn dark blue/purple and the birds come and eat them “on the fly”.

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  2. Very pretty, both your painting and the flower! I’m not good with cultivated non-natives, so I can only take a wild guess. It looks a little like a kalanchoe, but I’d never seen one with berries before.

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