Feeling Fall

Today, I wore A HAT on my morning walk. Not a baseball cap to keep the sun out of my eyes, but a KNIT CAP. It was in the 50’s this morning. I almost, almost (!) thought I needed gloves, too. Geesh. Here are two little watercolors that I painted in my mini sketchbook that I made out of scrap paper.

watercolor based on a photo in this month's Victoria magazine
watercolor based on a photo in this month’s Victoria magazine
watercolor based on a real leaf
watercolor based on a real leaf from my morning walk

22 thoughts on “Feeling Fall

  1. ….ah, all too familiar with hats and mittens for most of the months of the year….but you sure capture fall with your subjects and colors…beautiful!

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  2. New flora and fauna to explore. Different light. It will be fun for you to compare.
    No hats yet here, but plenty of leaves like your lovely painting.


  3. It’s been getting cold here too, we had a few mornings in the high forties, but today was a reprieve, we hit 84 degrees! Almost warmer than all summer! But on to more important things, your apples and leaf are gorgous! They certainly do capture the region, fall-ish!

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  4. Love your bowl of apples! Yes, it feels like fall here too! Florida sounds wonderful!!! Except you probably won’t be painting anymore beautiful fall leaves! LOL! :-)))

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      1. OMG, tell her Cindy in PA sent you there!!! My sister in law (to be) is Amelia. She owns the shop. They have classes there and it’s really nice. Amelia is lovely too. What a small world!!!

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