Three Leaves ~ watercolor sketchbook study with work in progress photos

Three Leaves in sketchbook

Here’s the finished artwork in my sketchbook. If you’d like to see the work in progress, here are photos, showing different stages from initial pencil sketch with palest wash to more built-up color. You can also see the leaves I studied to paint this. For this study, I only used pencil for the initial sketch, and I worked the leaves up in watercolor from there. I like these gentle pale colors – end of summer leaves, dried crisp from lack of rain, alluding to the autumn season to come when more vibrant leaves will fall from the trees.
leaves work in progress 1 leaves work in progress 2 leaves work in progress 3

Finished - Three Leaves scanned art
scanned artwork – Three Leaves by Cynthia Maniglia, 2015

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14 thoughts on “Three Leaves ~ watercolor sketchbook study with work in progress photos

  1. Hi Cynthia- What a nice study you have painted!
    Funny, because I was just at a friend’s blog, BB’s Art and Design ( ) She was also posting autumn leaf drawings (from last autumn). BB invited other artists/bloggers to join her in a daily autumn leaf drawing. Ya may want to check it out, I think you’d like it.
    Enjoy your time off.

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  2. As usual, love the photos with leaves and painting. it enhances both.
    Enjoy your break! absolutely necessary every once in awhile! (K.)


  3. This is so fun! I did this last year – your painted leaves are super AWESOME! Enjoy your break! Relax and have FUN!!! 🎨💜 Look forward to your art when you return! 😊


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