After Freestyling, Swans

Swans, watercolor and ink - journal
Swans, watercolor and ink – journal

My friend Carol just commented about freestyling “keeps it loose.” And I replied back, yes – “and now I’m getting lazy.” My intention is to bring freestyling into subject matter. My first subject: the swan. Not trying to replicate any photos or real life, just stylized/interpretive. I feel like the Young American in that David Bowie song, “It took her minutes …” because I just dipped and dabbed and here it is. I’m using up my “Fat Halo” (phthalo) blue in my watercolor  travel set. I was hoping to do this as my September 8th bird for Laura at Create Art Everyday and her do a bird challenge. I think I’ll do a colorful duck for that one instead. Thanks for coming by and taking a look at what’s in my watercolor journal.


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