19 thoughts on “Painting With Pool Water

    1. I was waiting to see who’d be the person to comment on my toenails, lol! Yesterday, I stubbed (badly!) my pinkie toe on my left foot. It’s getting better, but no more toenail photos for me for a while til it “heels”

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    1. The page on the left is gessoed – so the paint sort of glides over the surface and dries. The page on the right is regular paper and the paint with the chlorine works the same as tap water, which also has chlorine albeit less of it. This is not a professional quality painting, so I am not concerned about archival aspects. Good question, Arlene – thanks!

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    1. English is actually my first (and only language– bad German must not count). I have no excuse, so let me restate: “Wow. You are living large. Nice image.”


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