Black Eyed Susan


“Black Eyed Susan” | Graphite pencil and water soluble wax pastels in my watercolor journal | Cynthia Maniglia, July 2015

I studied the black eyed part before working this up in graphite pencil first, feeling the dark center that reminded me of a pine cone.


Then I used my water soluble wax pastels – the yellow crayon was perfect for the petals. Adding more loose details and depth as I went along.

Flowers picked on this morning’s walk.

Happy Summer!


21 thoughts on “Black Eyed Susan

  1. Black Eyed Susans are so fresh and breezy and say “Here I am!”.
    The texture you’ve created make them look as if they’d been sewn onto the paper…I can see them as a design in a jumper/pullover or on a small round tablecloth…lovely!

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      1. Oh, I do visit regularly, but usually via my cellphone. I’m on WordPress maybe once a week/fortnight, so visit in person when I can and Like posts I like! Like this one…cheers! janina 😀


    1. Leslie, dare I say I’m kind of hooked on the crayons. They’re quickly becoming good friends. Thank you much for your kind words. I think those dark centers pop up – hard to do with a dark color, but it happened, happily.


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