Hosta La Vista, Baby

Hosta in goauche and graphite
Hosta in gouache and graphite

WP_20150609_023A gorgeous lavender flower with lots of buds on its thick green stem plucked from a hosta plant provided today’s study. Its top bud reminds me of an artichoke. I did it two ways – in gouache and graphite, shown here, and in watercolor pencil and graphite, shown below. Both in my watercolor sketchbook.

WP_20150609_020In different light, the bloom takes on a different feel – and I tried to capture that in doing it two ways. With the watercolor pencil, I wanted to stick true to its pale pastels. With the gouache, my hope was to get more saturation in the color yet still remain true to life.

Until next time …

16 thoughts on “Hosta La Vista, Baby

  1. I love the colours and your loose way of drawing/painting. I love looking at your blog just for the eye candy, and the way you talk about your process is useful too.

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