Went for a walk outside. It was hot and breezy. A million sheer, pink and green lacy maple seed pods fluttering all around me. Came back sweaty and hungry. Ate a gorgeous salad and sketched this in my Moleskin journal. The pages don’t accept watercolor very well. This sketch would have been better in my big journal with the “coloring book” quality paper pages. Next to the Moleskin is one of my “best” beat-up brushes with the crooked head. I have to toss it out, one of these days. Or maybe not. It has lots of memories attached to it.



16 thoughts on “Simplicity

  1. as a child I opened up the middle part and stuck these on my nose….making a beak….and I love it when they helicopter whirl down to the ground….lovely subject for the moleskine!

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  2. I like the delicate pink color! I have never seen the pods in this color before! They are so pretty in a grouping and in your sketchbook. And I love your handmade cards! So glamorous! 🙂

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  3. I appreciate so much the simplicity of what you share, as much as I do your more complex artistry. Getting past that ‘drawing a blank with brush in hand’ as a beginning artist will only be overcome by seeing how artists like you practice and deconstruct your work down to its very basic elements – you can’t get much more elemental than a seed pod from a maple tree.

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    1. I am that way drawing a blank with my desire to write a novel or short story. With drawing and painting, it’s the complete opposite. I “just do it” – whatever is in front of me. And I guess I am partial to nature subjects. Thank you for your insightful and poignant comment, Sammy D.

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      1. In a selfish way, it’s reassuring to hear that. I’m sure most of us, in our own lack of confidence, assume others are adept at everything😀. I’m adept at financial matters but creativity is like jumping off the cliff – i freeze right at the edge . Being able to follow bloggers like you has helped so much.

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      2. Well, your comment is making my day because I share for many reasons – to gain confidence in my own abilities, yes – and also to inspire and just share for sharing’s sake. I hope you will keep checking out what I post. And I look forward to more of your bemuzings!

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      1. I just did a bit of a branch, in a style like yours (as best I can imitate it). I realized it is the lighter touch with the color that I crave. I also want to get better at putting shadow in with the color.


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