My bird for today – updated

WP_20150508_019A little quickie. Wasn’t planning to paint anything or sketch today, but I was inspired by Laura’s blog post and Jill’s blog post to draw a bird on May 8th – so here’s mine. I outlined the silhouette of a bird on a branch in graphite, then I used my Fantasia watercolor pencils (dry on dry) to add hues of yellow, green, blue, purple, orange and pink. I decided this would be a very colorful bird. Dipping my paint brush into clear water, I work the dry pencil areas on the paper to give it a “painterly” feel, here and there adding a little pan paint as needed. No background. I always do backgrounds, but this being a quickie exercise, I decided to leave the background undone, so as not to compete with the very colorful bird. Happy Draw a Bird Day!

P.S. Updated – after showing this to my father, the artist (see my “About” page), he told me to put some blue in the feet to separate them from the branch – so I did.

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30 thoughts on “My bird for today – updated

  1. Oh my gosh, WP keeps obliterating my comments, LOL! It’s like the fazer-ray-comment-death wand.

    Yes, it is completely lovely. I don’t think it’s just me, I think this is drop-dead gorgeous. And the best part for me is that you’ve made me re-think the way I approach birds. I always think about reproducing them in the realistic sense, but this puts a whole new spin on it. Not saying my imaginary colors would have been this beautiful, because they wouldn’t have been, but just the concept for me is a big thing to see! Wow! I’m so glad that you are happy that I love it. Because it really is stellar!!!

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  2. I just posted this and it looks like it didn’t post, so I’m gonna say it again! 😀

    Cynthia !!! Holy hell, this bird blows me totally away. Totally!!! It’s a hummingbird, right? Well, honestly, it doesn’t matter. It’s abstract, obviously. Oh my gosh. If this were hanging in a gallery, I’d buy it IMMEDIATELY. I am not kidding in the least. I wouldn’t even look at the price tag. I would snatch it up and treasure it!! This is the most beautiful thing I have seen all day long. No exaggeration. I LOVE this!!!

    Thank you so much for joining us!! Oh, man. I am totally speechless (yet, I’ve used many words lol). I could almost cry, I love this so much. Thank you again, Cynthia, you made my entire weekend with this!!!

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    1. Holy smoke, Laura ~ I didn’t even want to do any artwork today, but … I figured “I’ll play along.” So, $1 Billion, lol! : ) Some things are priceless – like the feeling of knowing you totally “dig” this. Happy Happy!

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    1. Thank you ~ I like to mix watercolor pencils with watercolor transparent tube paint, gouache, and watercolor pan paints. Sometimes I sketch first in graphite and other times I add graphite “accents” afterwards. In my watercolor sketchbook, I prefer to use black permanent ink fine tip marker and watercolor pan paints. I see you sketch figures – I will follow.


      1. Thanks! I’ve wanted to try painting some of my figures, but to be honest, I’m hesitant because I’ve never really painted anything before. I’ve thought about maybe starting with watercolor pencils and small sketches and then moving up to actual brushes and paint.

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      2. It’s easy to transition from sketching to painting with the watercolor pencils because you have more control. Then you very gently add water and watch the pigment react with the paper, brushing ever so lighting and moving along the composition. Try it, you might like it. Use just two colors (maybe a flesh tone and a bluey-gray).

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