Dandelions ~ watercolor, wax resist and gouache

Dandelions | watercolor, wax resist and gouache“Even in ‘weeds’ you will find sacred geometry. Look at the littlest of things and bask in their beauty.” ~ Red Deer.

While my painting is really of the dandelions that you blow off the stem – the airy white ones – I was outside and saw some jumbo yellow ones. They seem to want to sit by this painting to keep it company while it’s drying completely.

Looks nice on my bookshelf. I created this today using a variety of techniques: wax resist, varying my brushes, lifting paint off the paper, using both watercolor and gouache paints.

Trying to do extraordinary things in paint with ordinary subject matter – mostly recreating the feels these subjects have for me now. Today, where I live, it’s very warm – almost summer-like, yet it is still spring. And it’s oh so dry (we need rain). “These weeds have needs,” I thought as I plucked the big yellow dandelion out of the grass this morning to put in water in my little vase.

Wax resist with shades of yellow, Kosher salt sprinkled on top to add texture ... drying by window
Wax resist with shades of yellow, Kosher salt sprinkled on top to add texture … drying by window
Adding more contrast and texture, using fan brush strokes to dandelions
Detail: Topย right dandelion – showing color and texture. What’s interesting to me is the variations in color when I put green on top of yellow, then orange on top of the green … mixing shades of green, and colors that are not on my palette “appearing” though the transparent layers, this is the magic of watercolor for me.



17 thoughts on “Dandelions ~ watercolor, wax resist and gouache

  1. This is magical!! Seriously….love this process. I think you got the best of the dandelion….you make the irritating weed look beautiful! And I love your creativity.

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    1. Thanks, Rebecca – I was hoping to see a comment with your thoughts on this. I kind of was surprised at the end. : ) It actually looks better in real life, but I have to be careful – I have a tendency to rough up the paper if I am not careful. Thanks again for viewing and commenting. My regards to you in Sweden! Sweetden.

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      1. I don’t see the rough up part….but…..if I can add…maybe invest in some of the really heavy pricey stuff for a few pieces(like 300lb…or 140lb if you haven’t already)…I love the way you are experimenting and would hate to see a lesser paper not give you the results you deserve…..just a thought….I just enjoy seeing each new adventure, conquest, medium…whatever it is you try …:)

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      2. Thanks again – I do use 140 lb. and need to try some 300 lb when I am ready to paint more seriously. Right now, still gaining confidence and practicing. Only in my sketchbook do I use sub quality paper (it is like coloring book paper!)


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