Practicing – Blue Sky and Butterfly

'Blue Sky and Butterfly'
‘Bly Sky and Butterfly’ – Watercolor, gouache and pencil – 7 1/2″ x 9″


I was outside a lot this weekend. The sky was outstanding, and I took a lot of head-in-the-clouds photos and also painted a big sky spread in my watercolor journal.WP_20150426_052


P.S. Thanks for all of your “keep the mistakes” tips and suggestions. I enjoyed reading how you handle that type of thing. This butterfly is ready to soar, even though some stuff turns out not quite how I would have liked it to be {wink, smile}, I spread my wings and keep trying, keep flying. I ordered a book from Amazon, have two pieces of paper stretched, and I want to work on mountains, more clouds, more realistic butterflies, better trees, and that’s not all. Here’s to the journey.


8 thoughts on “Practicing – Blue Sky and Butterfly

  1. Yay for the journey! Beautiful sky and clouds. Some of the most wonderful stuff in watercolor happens out of our control. We have “happy accidents” and “sad accidents.” And sad accidents means we need to get creative and decide what plan B is going to be.

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