Tropical Vignettes – Experimenting with color and feel


Tropical vignettes using tube transparent watercolors and working quickly, wet on dry. For the pink tree, I wanted a Chinese brush feel and sponged the buds. The lower right is a sun-drenched Hawaiian-inspired landscape with graphite accents. Later in the evening, I added some dark permanent ink “sketchy” lines to the top two. I figure if I come away with one or two of the four that I like, I can always crop and put in a mini frame. One of these days maybe I will get lucky and like all four enough to put in a single frame. WP_20150424_027


17 thoughts on “Tropical Vignettes – Experimenting with color and feel

  1. Gorgeous! I continue to watch and try to learn. But most of all I just truly enjoy your sense of artistic expression.


  2. I think it’s great for people who are creating things to be looked at or heard or read (artists, writers, musicians…) to have an “audience” – friends, family, fellow bloggers, even strangers. Feedback can be very motivating and supportive. Comments are always welcome. Some also like suggestions – when asked for – and that can be most helpful, too. It’s very good and an interesting process, I agree with you, Kirk! Conversation is powerful.


      1. I saw another of your comments about working toward what one your readers likes. I do that as well, sometimes I have a specific commenter who I think will like something. Interesting process, no?

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