Watercolor Sketchbook: Orange, Red & Green Color Play


Playing with color. Green mixed with a little orange … orange and ochre. Why is it these drips and daps – if one does them in oranges and yellows and reds and greens – almost always suggest flowers? And is that a bad thing? I think it’s a good thing. Anything that is pretty to my eye is good. I like the softness of this with the hard edges that just happen when painting wet on dry on my cheap, porous watercolor sketchbook’s paper.

And here is a little painful exercise copying Renaissance ornament styles from a book last night…
WP_20150412_010I say painful because it required strict proportion, something I threw out the window from the start. But I can see the benefit of learning these patterns should I go to Italy and paint cathedrals and such. Many of the designs, shapes and forms are used in jewelry making to this day. Still, one needs patience and time to really render these intricate designs. Nothing lost. Always learning …


9 thoughts on “Watercolor Sketchbook: Orange, Red & Green Color Play

  1. Laura it is, yes! 🙂 My brother told me over the weekend (he’s the real artist in the family, he and my sister) that only people with great talent think their work is less than great, because their standards are so high. He gave me a different outlook for “failures”; it was helpful. Your stuff is consistently beautiful, and often watercolor results don’t equal our vision. So what? Still lovely, still makes us feel, still makes a contribution and beautifies the world. Have a great spring day today.

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  2. Holy heck, not posting?? Wow. Beautiful colors and shapes. What’s not to like? Sometimes I think we sit down with an end in mind. And if the paper doesn’t reflect it, bam. Bad. But the viewer doesn’t see what you envisioned at the start. So even if it doesn’t match your vision, we still enjoy. It’s beautiful to us. ❤


  3. P.S. Jodi, I actually thought about not posting these pages – but then, I figure I’m learning too, and the point of this blog is just to allow me to put it out there, regardless. It’s a good process.


  4. Beautiful! Lovely colors in your sketchbook and they do look like flowers! I also liked your patterns and the colors you painted over them! You make me want to get out my watercolors and play with them! Very refreshing to see you art.

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  5. I love your positive attitude! And your patterns are great! I wonder if you should try zentangling sometime….? I actually like losing myself in pattern drawing once in a while.


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