Practice clouds: Miniature watercolor vignettes


Using a small kid’s sized watercolor paper pad that I made into a block by gluing the sides with Elmer’s glue (no need to stretch paper). I divided the page into 4 rectangles. Practicing painting clouds (on a sunny day) in a variety of ways. Looking forward to doing more of this. These are small vignettes, about the size of a credit card. Working in such a small format makes details a challeng, but for cloud practice it’s not so difficult to manage effects with careful turns of the brush. I used my small flat brush for most of this, turning it on its edge to create the trees in the dark mountain landscape and also for the reeds in the seascape.WP_20150406_015


10 thoughts on “Practice clouds: Miniature watercolor vignettes

  1. Your clouds are wonderful. I have a hard time with knowing how to work out the shadows in clouds–shadows/light are my favorite things about watercolor, but for some reason my brain just doesn’t comprehend the fact that there are shadows in clouds! 🙂 And I love these tiny little sketches. I agree that they’d make a really cute “gallery” with them framed!


  2. Really pretty landscapes. How did you like the elders glue route? And does it come off easily. Not one I have tried!

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    1. Alisa, the Elmer’s glue on Masonite only works if the Masonite board is finished. I was using an unfinished board, and it lifted up the board a little after I cut out the artwork and went to remove the glued paper from the board. However, gluing the edges of my pad (I did it twice to get a good seal) to make a block seems to be working nicely. I took off a page from the block with no problem, using a butter knife to insert it into the small seam I left unglued and then pulled the knife around the artwork edges like lifting a cake out of a cake pan – and that was easy, the easiest by far. Thanks for asking and your lovely comment.

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