Miniature Vignettes: Sky and Treescapes


While our water heater was being fixed, I added a couple of tree miniatures to my set of four vignettes. Watercolor and graphite, white gouache added to lower right. Ready for some plein air painting now.


21 thoughts on “Miniature Vignettes: Sky and Treescapes

  1. Wow you have been busy….I have been away for a few days and come back to all your amazing work! These trees are magnificent. I really feel the organic nature of them. Ok…gotta keep reading!


  2. Argh – panic! LOL – I just got over a stomach virus, and now I have tons of writing work – so I can’t do my painting for a few more days until I get this project under wraps. Thanks for the nomination. I don’t really “do” the award things, but I so appreciate the honor. Thanks again.


  3. Hi – just giving you a heads up that my post tomorrow will be nominating you for a blogging award. I’m not sure if you participate in these. You can accept, ignore, revise rules to suit you and there’s no timeframe. Either have fun with it or ignore it. Just don’t panic 😋


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