Playing With My Fan Brush

Fan Brush, watercolor on sketchbook paper
WP_20150402_001 Watercolor:  transparent magenta, permanent green, lemon yellow on sketchbook paper

After experimenting with pattern and my small flat brush, I was wondering what I could do in watercolors with my fan brush. I love color and pattern. These colors remind me of Lilly Pulitzer. I am only brushing the surface, ever so lightly, with what my brushes can do and what I can do with them.

I’ve discovered my sketchbook is bigger than my scanner bed and doesn’t lay flat on the scanner screen for a good dpi image, so if I like any of my patterns I will have to recreate them on different sized paper to fit my scanner. Living and learning…WP_20150401_041


11 thoughts on “Playing With My Fan Brush

  1. Your flowers are lovely! They remind me of Dianthus Pinks which are flowers that look like a mini carnation. I will have to give my fan brush a whirl!


  2. I have been following your blog for about a month and am enjoying your art and ‘generous lessons’ so much! Art, and particularly watercolors, have baffled me my whole life so I’m creeping into it at age 64. Blogs like yours give me courage to creep further than my admittedly timid first tries. Your paintings are delicious.

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    1. What a sweet and lovely comment, you (and many others with their likes and comments) make my day. I think WordPress offers us a great opportunity to create, share, gain inspiration, give AND get encouragement. Come in, the water is nice – dip your toes in and then dive right in!


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