An Apple Today

My apple. I ate half and painted the whole thing first. I love my apple. It is a shop-worn subject for artists, since Adam and Eve days. What I love about my apple is I didn’t trace it or copy it. I noticed the skin – looked at it really close. It looks like God painted it in the orchard. I didn’t work from a photograph. I worked from real life. On 140 lb paper. Paper was stretched on Masonite (using a thin strip of Elmer’s glue around the outer edge of the paper). When it was done and dry, I cut it off the board with an Exacto knife. That was kind of scary. First time I ever used this method of stretching paper. Good news – the finished piece looks better in real life than when photographed or scanned at 300 dpi with a billion colors. And that’s a first too for me. so far. (I usually think the photos look better than the real life piece!)


4 thoughts on “An Apple Today

  1. This is very nice! I love hearing about your happiness with it…so many times we are too judgemental on our own pieces. I agree with Mel that the inside looks real…and I love the dimension you got from the whole apple. And I can feel all the detail in the apple skin. Lovely work!!

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