Practicing color matching – Seafoam and Sunrise

WP_20150315_010Here are bottom portions of my watercolor painting that I cut away, placed over the reference photo I used, to show how close I got with the colors. Verdict from last night’s practice: I bit off more than I could chew.

I chose the reference photo for its colors and hoped to recreate the sunrise effect. I knew the sea foam and texture of the water would be a challenge.

WP_20150315_008Success was in my ability to capture many of the colors, yet the sea foam’s shapes in the ocean, the waves in the water, and the transition of sand to sea totally alluded me. WP_20150315_014Today, I set sail in another direction, and take the lessons of this practice piece with me.

6 thoughts on “Practicing color matching – Seafoam and Sunrise

  1. I find painting in watercolors really challenging. I console myself by saying that I can always use the failed watercolor as an under painting for acrylics or mixed media. No need to waste good paper! 🙂

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  2. I do like your choice of colours, they seem to match the photo so well (nice tip to cut up your painting to check against the photo!) One thing that might have helped with that foreground sand detail is masking fluid or frisket. That would keep those stripes white while you did your wet-and-wet background. Maybe same with the crests of the waves. I think if you come back to that reference and try it again in the future you will have new techniques and see some progress that you are looking for, keep going!

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