Morning Stretch

WP_20150316_012My morning stretch:  the stapling method of stretching watercolor paper, my first go at it. Today’s practice piece was far more successful with shapes and colors, after yesterday’s murky attempt at a seascape; this felt refreshing and light. (Thank you, Graham at, for recommending that I properly stretch my paper first.) It was something I was avoiding, but now I’m a firm believer and plan to keep stretching.WP_20150316_004 WP_20150316_002

12 thoughts on “Morning Stretch

  1. What a beautiful blue sky! How did you like stapling? I used to do this to any piece I was saturating wet on wet, but to a thin wooden board. I’m curious what you used here, looks white? As for tape, I really like easy release blue painters tape. It’s the best at not ripping you paper 🙂


    1. Hi, I used a white cardboard mailing box like the kind sold at the post office – the kind you have to “assemble”, left folded down (double thickness). But I only wet the paper, did not soak it, and I liked stapling. Last night, I used foam board – double thickness – soaked my 140 lb paper for 11 minutes, then stapled it down and let it sit overnight. The foam board actually buckled a bit. So I taped the board tight together. Then I used masking tape over the staples, which they said was fine – and I plan to cut the painting out. I don’t know if I will continue stapling. My next try will be with masonite and Elemer’s glue. I might try the blue tape too that you talked about. Thanks!


  2. I was taught to staple a piece of soaked watercolor paper to a certain kind of board. Today I am using tape, gummed paper tape on wood, and it is working very well. I understand that if I want to keep the deckle edge I can rewet the tape and peel it off…didn’t work on my last try though, but I do like having that option. Your colors make me happy in this piece.


    1. Thank you, Rebecca. I am planning to buy some gummed paper tape this week. The staples are for now. I appreciate your comment about the colors very much. I value your opinion. Have a great day.

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  3. I’m curious why you stapled it to stretch your paper – I’ve always taped it. Your colors are beautiful and I love how they blend into each other.


      1. Thanks for responding. I will remember that about the tape. I have been using the Arches 140 LB cold pressed paper in blocks. I like the blocks so I don’t have to use tape.


  4. Love your bright colours, I’ve never tried stretching paper either. In fact I’ve never bought artist quality watercolour paper. I’ve just bought a few single sheets to fold them into those accordion sketchbooks to try 🙂

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