Practice preserving whites in The Flower Shop

WP_20150312_010WP_20150312_012My favorite part of this:  The chair and string of lights in the upper right, just outside the flower shop’s door. This was quick – about an hour’s time.

The sketch:  Proud to say I did not trace the photo from the magazine I used as a reference. The perspective is a bit off, but that doesn’t bother me so much.

The whites:  The photo was used because I liked the lighting and wanted to practice preserving whites. At first I was tempted to use frisket, but I decided to handle the whites without masking fluid, and feel that part of this was somewhat of a success for a beginner such as myself.

The paper:  This was painted on inexpensive, Canson cold press (on sale at A.C. Moore). The good news is the paper doesn’t hold up well to laying down lots of water and color – which I tend to do (working too fast, too wet) – so I should ease up and get a little more disciplined in this area (I hope), in due time.

Onto the next thing …

8 thoughts on “Practice preserving whites in The Flower Shop

  1. If you’re having trouble with the paper you need to stretch it – you should be able to use lots of water, sometimes I wet the paper before putting on colour, so unless the paper is stretched or is very heavy it will cockle. It is quite easy to do.

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    1. Thank you, Graham! I did tape the paper down using masking tape (a no-no) but did not wet the entire paper first. Now I’ve learned how to properly stretch paper using various methods and need to get some gummed tape. It certainly is something I knew I’d need to do but now need to do correctly.


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